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Volume 5, Issue 8

Review of China's Contribution to Global Poverty Alleviation through Green Ecological Finance


Kaihan Zhou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0001

The Effect of Financial Agglomeration on Economic Growth in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area


Ruixuan Tan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0002

The Development and Difficulties of Commercial Banks under the Background of Digital Finance: A Case Study of Z Bank


Yaxian Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0003

Research on the Interactive Path Between College English Education and Regional Culture


Juan Feng, Yu Bai

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0004

Study on the Communication Between Parents and Teachers


Yuting Tian

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0005

The Influence of Poetic Attitude on Poetry Translators from the Perspective of Cross-cultural Translation


Yuji Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0006

The Coexistence of Defamiliarization and Readability in the English Translation of Six Chapters of a Floating Life by Lin Yutang


Yuan Deng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0007

Path and Countermeasures of Traditional National Sports Entering Primary and Secondary School Campus


Lihong Zheng, Xianqiong Ding and Chaohe Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0008

Analysis on the Implementation Path and Effectiveness of Public PE Teaching Based on Career Orientation



Wenlang Huang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0009

The Application of Situational Teaching Method in College English Teaching



Fei Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0010

Analysis of the Influence of Subject Contests on College Students' Employment

-- A Case Study of Zhaoqing University


Huicun Shen, Xiao Shen, Junhua Chen and Yunqian Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0011

The Study of Drama Narrative of David Hare’s Skylight


Shixian Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0012

Inquiry on Health Education in PE Classroom Teaching


Lina Yang, Jie Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0013

Measuring Primary School Students’ Attitude Toward School Bullying in China



Tiange Sui

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0014

The Application of Iconicity in Translation



Peiyu Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0015

Practice and Exploration of Industrial College in Higher Vocational Colleges


Yating Bi

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0016

Construction of an Educational Intervention Model for Rural Left-behind Children with Learning Disabilities Driven by Cognitive Intelligence


Yiquan Kong, Jiexuan Wang, Guiying Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0017

Brian Simon and Marxist Educational History


Yuqi Guo

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0018

Oars by the Setting Sun-Qing Dynasty Guangxi Zhuang Poet Li Jiansan’s Native Land Feelings



Xiaojun Lin, Xia Ning, Xianmei Zeng, Lili Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0019

Research on the Method of Cultivating Students’ Sense of Music in Piano Teaching in Colleges and Universities


Liyuan Luo

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0020

Research on the Path of College Students' Coping with Lying Flat Culture in the New Era


Kaiqing Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0021

Research on the Practice of University Library Service for Undergraduate Education and Teaching from the Perspective of “Three-in-one education”


Jing Xie

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0022

On the Problems in Career Planning Education and its Possible Improvement in Higher Vocational Colleges: On the Basis of the “Three Educations Reform”



Zhouqin Tan, Yong Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0023

Forecast of Rural E-commerce Scale Based on Grey Markov Model


Jia Luo, Liguang Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0024

Later-stage Changes and Trends of Modern City Development

-- Taking Shenzhen During the Period from Late 1990s Till Now as the Example


Shiyan Zeng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0025

Inequality in Senior High School Education in China: Key School System



Shanshan Zhu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0026

Legal Principle Analysis and System Perfection Research of Economic Law



Lin Dong

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0027

Study on Curriculum Reform of Ideological and Political Construction Based on Improving Students’ Critical Thinking Skills


Yan Du

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0028

Research on the Influence of the Basic Principles of Marxism on Wushu Teaching in Colleges and Universities


Zhihao Zhang, Wenquan Zuo

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0029

Exploration and Practice of Teaching Reform of Construction Equipment Engineering Course under Mixed Teaching Mode


Shuang Tang, Qiao Fan and Junhao Ren

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0030

The Function and Mechanism of PIWI/Pirna in Colorectal Cancer



Baiqi Liu, Yixuan Zhang, Mingrui Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0031

Three Levels Analysis of Teachers' Morality in the New Era


Nianlu Xiong, Hongyu Jiang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0032

Establishment of Legalized Business Environment Based on the Context of Cooperative Rule of Law

-- Based on The Practice of Fair Competition Review in Shenyang


Hao Ma, Jiannan Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0033

A Research on the Relationship between Indoor Environment and Learning Efficiency based on Symbolic Regression



Xuebing Ba, Fengnan Wang, Yonghui Wang and Xueying Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0034

Analysis of the Development Trend of College Students Physical Education under the Background of National Fitness


Shuang Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0035

Social Development Evaluation for College Students in Dalian, China



Xuebing Ba, Yonghui Wang, Fengnan Wang and Liansheng Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0036

The Application of Tea Culture in International Chinese Language Education



Zexia Zheng, Meimei Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0037

Research on the Development Process of National Traditional Sports from the Perspective of Philosophy


Tingyu Zhu, Yuheng Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0038

Study on Strategies for Cultivating Students’ Intercultural Communicative Competence in Middle School English Teaching


Yanyan Ou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0039

Cultivation Strategies of Students' Core Literacy in Chinese Traditional Culture Teaching


Lin Xiao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0040

Analysis on English Vocabulary Learning APP Based on Constructivism Learning Theory



Yuxia Lei

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0041

The Paradigm of Urban Village Renewal in Hefei



Pengfei Wu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0042

A Comparison of Skinner’ s Concept of Behaviourism and Bruner’s Concept of Cognitivism: Exploration of Application on Intervention to Address Autism


Sichun Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0043

Analysis of Holden’s Tragedy from Utilitarianism in The Catcher in the Rye



Suheng Kuang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0044

Kant's Enlightenment to Chinese Philosophy on Consciously Man Legislation for Oneself



Yuhan Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0045

Exploring the Teaching Reform of Tourism Economics in Applied Universities


Wenjing Qi

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0046

How Should Corporate Culture Change to Adjust to Work-from-home? A Systematic Literature Review Paper


Fei Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0047

Analysis of the Design Status of Experimental Teaching of Wireless Communication



Biqing Li, Shiyong Zheng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0048

The Function of Dance in Mass Artistic Aesthetic Education



Qisong Zheng, Ke Yang, Yunqi Xu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0049

Research on the Design and Practice of Online Experimental Open Course Based on OBE Concept

-- Python Experiment as An Example



Shiyong Zheng, Biqing Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0050

Using Intensive and Extensive Reading to Strengthen Reading Comprehension Skills in English Classroom Teaching


Xin Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0051

The Current Situation of After-school Tutoring for Junior High School Students under the "Double Reduction" Policy



Mengyuan Zhao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0052

Effectiveness of Mobile Applications on Vocabulary Learning: A Literature Review



Hongye Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0053

Research on the Innovative Teaching Design of "The Outline of Modern Chinese History" under the Concept of "Big Idea"


Jianpeng Yu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0054

Star Images Constructed based on Kramer vs.Kramer


Huailei Wen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0055

The Reconstruction of the Ontological Thought of Madhyamika and Prajna School by the Theory of Vijnaptimatra



Jing Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0056

Practice Reflection and Optimization Countermeasures of Undergraduate Tutorial System in Chinese Universities


Wenyan Lei

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0057

The Impact of Widowhood on the Mental Health of the Elderly and Countermeasures


Yuhong Hu, Minghong Fu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0058

Study on the Influence of Critical Thinking on College English Reading Teaching


Xiandan Ran and Chudan Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0059

A Probe Into the Course Education of “Principles of Entrepreneurship” for Undergraduates under the Background of “New Economics and Management”


Cuiping Niu, Xianmin Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0060

Influence of Family Background on College Students' Physical Health



Ke Ma, Yujiao Yan, Jiahe Feng, Yumeng Han, Yanmei Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0061

Causes and Countermeasures of Employment Anxiety of Tibetan College Students


Xiaoqing Guo

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0062

Exploration and Practice of “Curriculum Ideological and Political Education” in the Course of Circuit Principle


Xinhe Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0063

The Relationship Between Social Support, Psychological Resilience and Employment Anxiety of Tibetan College Students


Xiaoqing Guo, Pingcuozhuoga

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0064

Flipped Classroom Based on MOOC and VR With Real-time Interaction and Multidisciplinary Integration in Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine


Qianxin Wu, Li Sun

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0065

The Use of Mirrors in Dance Teaching


Aijia Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0066

Exploring the Value and Realization Path of Tourism Culture Construction in Hubei Province from the Perspective of Jingchu Culture


Yumei Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0067

Corporate Governance Model: Shareholder Primacy or Board Primacy?

--By Comparative Analysis Between China and Australia


Jiaming Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0068

The Insight and Reflection of Kanae Minato's Reasoning Novels on Japanese Social Culture


Guosu Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0069

Cultural Differences and Integration between China and America Based on Hawkes' Cultural Dimension Theory

-- A Case study of the film Grandson from the United States


Yanuo Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0070

The Impact of Parenting Involvement on Interpersonal Communication of Contemporary College Students:the Mediating Effect of Emotional Regulation


Zhihao Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0071

Analysis of the Current Situation of China's Family Financial Investment and Strategies


Lutong Zhao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0072

An Empirical Research Based on The Industry Momentum Effect in China’s Stock Market


Zhifeng Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0073

Discussion on the Essence of Sports and Its Educational Values


Xiaoxin Xie, Wenfeng Tang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0074

Research on Beijing Winter Olympics Media Coverage Framework: A Comparative Perspective between China and the West


Jingshuo Zhao, Xiaowei Gong

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0075

Research on the Construction of Teaching Quality Evaluation System in Higher Vocational Institutions from the Perspective of Result Orientation


Jingyi Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0076

Discussing the Iron Army Spirit and the Cultivation of Remote Sensing Technology Talents in Universities


Jia Xi, Shan An, Jie Du, Yongtao Jin, Qichao Zhao and Zeming Shen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0077

Analysis of Teachers' Curriculum Leadership in Sports Schools under the Background of Combining Sports and Education


Shiqi Xu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0078

An Empirical Study on the Current Situation of University Students' Employment Rolls Towards the System in the Post-epidemic Era and the Paths to Alleviate Them


Yuling Wang, Xinhui Huang, Fangliang Zhu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0079

Comparing Elizabeth Bennett and Jane Eyre' s View of Love from the Feminist Perspective


Xueqin Yao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0080

Research on the Measurement of Common Prosperity Level and Regional Differentiation in China


Huachao Zha, Jinwei Fang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0081

Suggestions on Improving the Training of Information Technology Normal Students in Tibet Normal University

-- Sampling Analysis Based on the Literacy of Primary School Information Technology Teachers in Tibet


Dong Yang, Huiting Jia

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0082

The Current Situation and Exploration of the Pathway of Integrated Medical and Nursing Care Model


Yaqi Song, Rongyue Liu, Haosheng Jiang, Zhongqi Xing, Mengtian Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0083

Research of Social Group Prejudice after Germany's Defeat during the World War via the Investigation of Prejudice Against Domestic Communists and Jews


Liya Zheng, Zhenwei Su, Yueting Yu, Darong Zhuang, Jie Ma, Chang Xue, Jiaxin Zhou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0084

Research on Influencing Factors of New Energy Vehicle Consumers' Purchase Intention in Anhui Province


Weinan Shao, Jiaming Zhu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0085

Research on the Realization Path of "Course Ideological and Political" Education Model in Colleges and Universities with Industry Characteristics


Jiajia Gao, Jianguo Lu, Shenshen Wang, Huohai Yang, Yanmei Guo, Qingzhuo Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0086

Study on the Landscaping Model of Pines in Protected Green Space in Central Yunnan


Rongrong Gu, Lili Wu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0087

Reform on Foreign Language Teaching Models Based on Cultivating Innovative Foreign Language Talents


Zhihong Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0088

How Space Is Used to Represent the Identity of HK People in Ann Hui’s Films


Yiyi Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0089

"Under the Eider Crane Mountain"

-- Exploring the Landscape Planning and Design of the EiderCrane Mountain Valley Plot in Changhong Township


Lu Liu, Junxuan Li, Jie Zhang Ting Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0090

Analysis of the Importance of Learning Ethnic Music for Secondary Vocational Students

-- Take Nanning Fourth Vocational and Technical School as An Example


Chuan Shi

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0091

The Generation Logic of the Leadership of the Communist Party of China


Meng Sun

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0092

The Influence and Changes of Buddhist Painting Patterns on Chinese Painting Throughout the Ages


Ziyi Zhang, Jie Zhao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0093

Study on Parents' Willingness to Choose Pension Model and Its Influencing Factors in Transnational Families

-- Taking South Korea as An Example


Xiaohui Yue, Jinsui Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0094

The Application of POA Theory in High School English Reading Teaching Based on Curriculum Ideology and Politics


Zhuohua Deng, Di Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0095

Research on the Influence of Controlling Shareholder's Equity Pledge on Investor Sentiment

-- Based on Moderating Effect of Internal Control


Dongyang Bao, Yanan Wang, Yixin Zhou, Yixin Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0096

Investigation of First Aid Legal Awareness

-- Take A Medical College as An Example


Weiqi Guo, Wei Chen, Chen Yang, Yuwen Ma, Yuxin Zhou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0097

Research on the Path of Integrating Party History Education Into Ideological and Political Courses in Colleges and Universities


Lingyun Cao, Wenli Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0098

China's Attitude to the Non-Aligned Movement and Its Changes (1992-2021)

-- An investigation centered on "Reference News"


Gongmo Liu, Shuwen Yu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0099

Research on the Combustion Flame Stability of Biodiesel/Diesel Blends By Digital Image Processing Technology



Huan Mao, Zhijian Xu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0100

Blended Teaching Mode Design of Secondary Vocational Classroom Based on OBE Concept in Post-epidemic Era


Mengxing Xu, Jingying Jia, Ying Kuang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0101

Analysis on Chinese Culture in Junior Middle School English Textbooks

-- Take PEP as an Example


Lufei Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0102

Assessment of Ideological and Political Education in College English Courses from the Perspective of Confucian Educational Thought


Lili Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0103

Summary and Enlightenment of Basic Experience in Community Health and Epidemic Prevention Work


Zijuan Lin

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0104

Fiction Translation on the View of Labyrinth Narrative Theory

-- A Case Study of Lolita


Yue Tang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0105

Design Practice of Yixing Ceramic Products Based on the Background of New Era


Juqing Deng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0106

Research on the Making and Application of Micro Lesson in Computer Teaching in Secondary Vocational Schools


Yaru Yang, Fangming Ruan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0107

Research on Demand Characteristics and Training of Human Resource Management Professionals Based on Python Technology


Shaotong Yan, Delin Hou, Jiamin Huang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0108

Research on the Mode of Music Education in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Internationalization



Yuan Xue

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0109

On the Right of Residence in the Chinese Civil Code



Bocun Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0110

Investigating the Relationships between Students' English Proficiency Level and their Abilities to Distinguish Different Accents


Rouzhi Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0111

Research on the Teaching Effect of College Network Teaching Platform Based on Entropy Weight TOPSIS Model


Yaning Xiao, Huijun Yan, Yibo Jin

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0112

Construction of STEAM Education Space in Colleges and Universities


Mingxia Xu, Zhuqing Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0113

A New Research on Public Welfare Entrepreneurship with College Students' Teaching Support as the Carrier

-- Take the "Youth Guangwei" project as an example



Liuxin Huang, Wenkai Huang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0114

Ideological and Political Teaching Practice of Additive Manufacturing Technology Course Based on OBE Concept



Shiyu Xing, Zinan Wang, Zhan Wang, Qiang Li, Jinbao Zhao, Qingyuan Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0115

Exploration on the Path of Hierarchical Quality Training and Multi Classroom Coordinated Education Based on Industrial College under the Expansion of Higher Vocational Enrollment


Juxian Wu, Yitong Shen, Lin Li, Xingxie Luo, Lina Li, Xuexun Chen, Xiaorong Wu, Weiting Lin, Yuyan Pan, Huixing Xiao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0116

A Multi- dimensional Evaluation Model for Higher Education


Yawen Yang, Jiangtao Wang, Yindi Ding, Anna Zheng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0117

Study on the Inheritance of May Fourth Spirit and the Mission of Youth in the New Era


Shi Zhan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0118

Research on the online and offline Integration Teaching mode of Local History course in Colleges and Universities


Yunnan Du

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0119

Research on the Cause and Protection of Wrist Joint Injury among Aerobics Students of Beijing Sport University


Haoyu Sun

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202208_5(8).0120

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